Well Written email Response

Well Written email Response
August 18, 2022 by zuixy
Do you have someone who can write a well-written email response? The email should be written from the executive level, where I am courteous, providing directives, and firm all at the same time. The email is copied below, and I need to write my response highly professionally, academically, coaching, but also letting the person know their tone is not appropriate.
I have several follow up questions and comments of the MPP review your provided me on Friday August 12, 2022 at approximately 2:30 PM.
The first is from page 2 in the Leadership section. In the third paragraph you state “holding staff more accountable”. Can you provide example(s) of when staff was not held accountable so I can be clear on the direction you are trying to communicate?
The next is on page 3, the final paragraph of the Leadership section. What is your meaning of “enhanced accountability”? Can you provide examples of this related to BFO battalion chiefs?
The next question is on page 3 in the first paragraph of the Planning section. It say “maintain staff focus on the plan and limit potential distractions”. Can you expand on the meaning of distractions? The only distraction I have observe is when you circumvent the Span of Control and task my assigned staff with assignments without informing me first, and many time not at all. This leads to confusion from my staff and a great deal of time needed to update our priorities to accommodate your requests. The use of the term “distraction” come up again on page 4 under Problem Solving section, and it reference from subordinates, which I am unclear as to the meaning or expectation you are seeking for the next MPP.
The next question is on page 3 under Planning section. In the second paragraph you state that on “multiple occasions” I have have not responded to your email you sent. Please provide me dates and times of the emails you are referring too. I am completely unaware of this activity, I respond to all my emails within a reasonable period of time. The fact that I supervise 23 members leads to an enormous number of emails received daily, but I do make it a point to get back to as many as possible each day or the following day if they require a response.
The next question is in the Overall Rating section on page 6. What is your meaning of “conform to management oversight”. Are you trying to communicate staff will follow the rules? and if so, which rules are not being followed? I am looking for some clarity to your statement.
In the FY 21/22 Accomplishments section it does not state any recognition that I completed all 10 of the expectations written in my 21/22 Achievement Plan that you assigned me on August 16, 2021. I am routinely directed to communicate more details when I write APA’s, so I am curious if this is a two expectation.
In the area of my FY 22/23 Achievement Plan you set an expectation of “Complete 100% of Citywide Senior Staff training meetings”. The 100% mark is not realistic to me due to my workload and competing emergency response and job duty priorities. Since the dates and times of these training are not known months in advance, and emergency events, vacations, and illnesses can occur, I want it known in advance that this expectation may not be achievable and I do not want it used against me next performance rating. I will make every training I am available to attend, like I do everyday.
I look forward to your responses to the points I am bringing forward now that I have had a full day to review the document I was presented last Friday to sign and the copy of it I was given on Tuesday August 16 in the afternoon.
Thank you,

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Well Written email Response
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