Please do paraphrase the paper and please try to change the order if the ideas if it possible. Try to do it i. General idea not each idea
On November 18 in a California State University Hall, there was a screening of a two films and photography project. First Leandro Katz a filmmaker and a photographer from Argentina started with introductions about him self and his work, and then he showed us his work that followed Catherwood foot steps by taken pictures for historic sites in central America. After that the first film titled “ The Day When You Love Me” started screening, the film was directed by Leandro Katz and was made in 1997.The film covered Che Guevara death and how he was captured and then executed by the Bolivian army, After his death a famous photo was taken by Freddy Alborta a photo journalist who managed to take the photo that made Leandro Katz to spend a year searching for him, after he found him Leandro met Mr.Alborta and then made his film. When Mr.Leandro asked Mr. Alborta about what he thought when taking the picture Mr. Alborta compared Guevara dead body to Christ and he felt that he is taking an important picture, also he mentioned that because of Guevara eyes was opened he thought that he was photographing a live person. Also in the film it explained how Guevara dead body was handled by taking his dead body to a small hospital and placed his body in a small laundry room where the picture has been taking. After the film Mr. Leandro started taking questions from the audience I asked him how the family of Guevara reacted for the death and the way the Bolivian army treated his body he answered me by saying that some of Guevara family went publicly and spoke about how he was executed and treated badly even after his death. After answering all the questions Mr. Leandro played the second move that was about a guy in Buenos Aires who was dressing with colorful clothing’s that in Mr.Leandro opinion represented a kind of local art, he showed us many pictures for that guy witch looked really nice and full of life, it was an interesting films that opened my eyes to a new window to history of a revolutionary man and his story. At the end we took a picture with Mr.Leandro and the audience and we thanked him for his time and his educational films that was inspiring.
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Two films were screened on 18th November at the California State University Hall as well as showcase of a photography project. Leandro Katz was the first to show us his work, together with a photographer from Argentina. The photographers work followed Catherwood’s footsteps being pictures taken of historic sites in Central America………………………….
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