Health Eco Assessment 2

This assessment task requires short answers to the following questions.

Question 1

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Health Eco Assessment 2
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Suppose that a new vaccine has become available for the invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) caused by Neisseria Meningitidis group B strains. You have been asked to design an economic evaluation to assess the costs and effects of the new vaccine (compared with no vaccination) to inform public funding decisions.

Taking a healthcare system perspective, identify the range of important health care resources (cost categories and cost items) that you may include in your evaluation
What additional resources would need to be considered if you were requested to perform the evaluation from a societal perspective?
Question 2

To determine the optimal strategy for prostate cancer screening for a fully government-funded program, an economic model was developed to estimate the costs and outcomes of two potential screening programs to measure prostate specific antigen (PSA) in comparison to a “no screening program” option. The model followed a cohort over a fifty-year time horizon. The results were: No screening

Total costs: $15 million
Total life-years: 10,000

Program A (Screening men aged 50-75 every 5 years)

Total costs: $45 million
Total life-years: 25,000

Program B (Screening men aged 40-75 every 2 years)

Total costs: $85 million
Total life-years: 30,000

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Identify the 7 key building blocks/parameters associated with economic evaluation and describe these in the context of the task.
Complete the following table:

Strategy Cost ($) Life-years Incremental costs ($) Incremental life- years gained (LYG) Incremental $ per LYG ($)




What type of economic evaluation is this?
Briefly comment on how the results should be interpreted
Question 3

Is it possible for a new drug to be less clinically effective than its comparator but, at the same time, be cost-effective? With reference to the cost-effectiveness plane, briefly explain why or why not.

Note: All assignments must be in a Microsoft Word file and are to be submitted electronically by 5:00pm on the scheduled date.


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