GCU Library Scholarly Databases Assignment

GCU Library Scholarly Databases Assignment
GCU Library Scholarly Databases Assignment
Identify two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help you find the best research articles to support your EBP proposal. Discuss why these two databases are better than Google Scholar or a general Internet search.
The Institute of Medicine has stated a goal that 90% of practice be evidence-based by 2020. According to HealthyPeople.gov, the United States is currently at approximately 15%. Discuss two barriers that might hold nursing practice from achieving this goal, and suggest ways in which identified barriers may be addressed.
On the other hand, limitations of the system can overcome by the developer can write the programming role based accessed controls. So, we can access the information according to the privileges of individuals and occupations they hold. In the scenario of the visiting HCP employees once the HCP has changed or replaces by new visiting HCP. We can easily evoke the user ID of those individuals without any other extra work.
The proposed system can allow the visiting HCP employees to access and update the resident notes. In the proposed system visiting employees can request the User ID for the purpose access to the resident’s records and can enter the notes in the system electronically which would help us to keep the updated data and accessible whenever necessary. In the system consists of four external entities such as visiting HCP, Management, HR management and system admin, process and data stores interact each other to create new user ID. The visiting HCP usually must request for the user id through the system to management.
Management verifies the details of the application they have the right to reject the request if the details provided are insufficient and through the management only we can get the permission, from here HR also gets notify through the system once the application is accepted. Verified information must be sent to system admin who is the one organising the employee’s access to the EPIC care system. After creating the new user ID. According to their occupation admin give the access resident data accordingly, admin should send to HR for the verification before we hand over the newly created user ID to the visiting HCP.
External entity-1
External data Entity
Visiting Healthcare professional (HCP)
Purpose in summary
Person who is visiting the Healthcare organisation occasionally
such as, Dietician, Dentist and Speech and Language Therapist.
Input data flow (s)
HCP personal details.
Output data flow (s)
User ID details (user id number)
Data Flow Name
User ID Request
The GCU library databases are a lot of different things to use to make your writing easier. The GCU database is better than google search because it is focused on our topics and what we need to learn and not just everything on the internet. One of the main things that will help when writing your papers and to help support your EBP proposal is ask the librarian. This can help you when you get stuck and can’t figure out the next step. Also if you can’t figure out how to navigate the library the ask the librarian database is something that will help support your EBP. The other database that will help support your EBP proposal is CINAHL. This database has access to thousands of articles from other healthcare professionals and other people in the field that understand what nurses go through. Using this will help to support your EBP because you can read other people’s thoughts that have been in the same place other nurses have. These two things are the most helpful for me but the GCU library has many databases that are better than google because the results we get from GCU are from people that understand what nurses go through.
Grand Canyon University. (2016). About the GCU Library.| www.gcu.edu. Retrieved 13 November 2017, from https://www.gcu.edu/future-students/campus-experience/library.php
Grand Canyon University. (2017). http://library.gcu.edu/Database/Subject?subject=Nursing_And_Health_Sciences

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