Gay and Lesbian Parents

Introductioni. Attention grabber: For many people, the lesbian and gay adoption is still a new concept, and image of traditional family includes a mother and a father of opposite sex.ii. Roadmap: While some argue that children need a mother and a father figure in order to be raise “perfect”, others believe this concept is just a stereotype.iii. Working thesis: There is no evidence that proves that there are negative effects to letting homosexual couple to raise a family, however there are still laws that prevent them from adopting.B. Body paragraphs. Explain: In most cases gay adoption was legalized by case-by-case basis by a judge.ii. Introduce: Jennifer Naeger, article “And Then Were None: The Repeal of Sodomy Laws After Lawrence V. Texas and Its Effect on the Custody and Visitation Rights of Gay and Lesbian Parents”iii. Define: The case repeal of sodomy laws on child custody disputes involving gay and lesbian parents.C. Counterargumenti. Tell: Even though many cases have supported homosexual couples to be able to create a family and adopt, many agencies and public policies make it an issue for them to be able to.ii. Show: “Adoption by Same-Sex Couples: Public Policy Issues in Texas Law & Practice”, states “The chapter places three limitations on an individual filing an adoption petition: the adopting party (1) must be “an adult,” who (2) seeks to adopt “a child who may be adopted,” and (3) has standing to sue in state court… appears to permit a same-sex couple to adopt children only through the first and third requirements. The first requirement is a possible route if courts have terminated—or are in the process of terminating—the rights of a child’s living parent… the court finds that such an adoption will be in the child’s best interests.”iii. Share: How does the court know what is best for the child, where there is no data of negative affect of a child being adopted by same sex?D. Refutationi. Tell: In many gay couple, those who offer themselves as adoptive parents, are more stable that many heterosexual marriages.ii. Show: “It’s About the Children”, Bill Keller argues that “gay marriage does not harm or disadvantage gay children. He cites numerous studies that show that socially, children of gay parents are at no significant disadvantage, and the children of same-sex couples are at an advantage compared with children raised by single parents.”iii. Share: In modern times, many children are raised by single parent, which have proven disadvantages, like lower educational achievement and poor behavior.E. Supporting paragraph 1i. Tell: Millions of children in the U.S. have lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents. Furthermore, some children of LGBT parents were conceived from heterosexual marriages or relationships.ii. Show: “American Academy of Child& Adolescent Psychiatry”, in their health website called “Lesbian, gay, and Transgender Parents”, they state “It is important for parents to understand that it is the quality of the parent/child relationship and not the parent’s sexual orientation that has an effect on a child’s development. Research has shown that in contrast to common beliefs, children of lesbian, gay, or transgender parents: Are not more likely to be gay than children with heterosexual parents, are not more likely to be sexually abused, do not show differences in whether they think of themselves as male or female (gender identity), and do not show differences in their male and female behaviors (gender role behavior)”iii. Share: Sexuality of the parents is not the reason for child behavior, is the quality time and effort of the parent that puts on a child that matters.F. Supporting paragraph 2i. Tell: Furthermore, sometime the agencies of adoptive center are the reason for devastating a perfect and stable childii. Show: Scott Baldauf states in his article called “How Texas Wrestles with Gay Adoptions”, “child welfare worker Rebecca Bledsoe tried to remove a child placed in a lesbian household.”iii. Share: Is not the same-sex parent influence that can cause a child development, is the welfare workers on adoption institution that can cause trauma to the child, by making a judgment of the parent’s sexuality orientation.G. Supporting paragraph 3i. Tell: Is not like these religion-based adoption agencies really care about the well-being of child, they only care if the child needs to be in a Christian household.ii. Show: Zauzmer, Julie, and Sarah Pulliam Bailey. “Trump promises to help religious adoption agencies that won’t work with gay parents.”, states “When Catholic adoption agencies once stopped operating in locations including the District of Columbia and Massachusetts because of their opposition to gay parents, Cooper said, “other agencies seamlessly took over that work, including faith-based agencies. . . . The problem isn’t a shortage of agencies. The problem is a shortage of families. And allowing agencies . . . to turn away lovely families – that only makes the shortage of families a bigger problem.”iii. Tell: These adoption agencies only prompt Christian values and moral, and they make their choices only on sexuality orientation of the parents and their Christian morals and values.H. Conclusion: Overall, the same-sex parent should be accepted in our society and be able to adopt without any discriminations.

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Gay and Lesbian Parents
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