September 9, 2022 by zuixy
For your 3rd project you will be required to create and design your own offensive playbook. Your playbook will consisit of multiple parts.
what sets/formations will your offensive unit align in 3×1 (Trips), 2×2 (Doubles), 4×1 (Quads, open ended set, closed ended sets etc
this can get endless as long as the formation is a legal formation, you can draw up just about anything. keep in mind your ability to run it all, before that practice it all, you can just run plays or you can actually get good at a few concepts and develop an identity.
Personnel Groupings (body types and skill sets that you will employ to create your match up) **Drawn Up)
Based on what personnel you put on the field, the defense will have to match that personnel how they see fit to do so.
situational football, GL/SY, 3rd and Long, Mixed downs (1st and 2nd)
in these situations you may want to call on certain personnel groups that you feel play to your strength and give you a better success rate to execute.
Base run
3 to 5 run plays that you would call in mixed down situations
Secondary run
A run that complements your base run, formation/personnel wise it may mirror your base run but you run other concepts
for example 10 personnel inside zone out of a 2×2 may be one of your base runs, out of that same formation you can run open set counter read, (tag pass concept on the backside or front side of the formation)
its meant to be a change up from your base run, run a hand full of times.
Goaline/Short yardage
whats gonna be your answer when you need to get 1yd, 2yd, or 3 yds
Screen Game
A quick hitting way to get the ball in the hands of some of your more dynamic players in space.
Cadence, Tempos and Checks.
changing the cadence and tempos is an attempt to stifle the defense.
whether its lining up fast and snapping the ball, before the defense can get its call in.
it could be a look cadence/dummy cadence to have the defense show its hand (safety roll or alignment to a certain set)
going on 2 or 1st sound in effort to give your offensive line the advantage.
Defensive recognition/Identification
how you see and identify the defensive alignment
this has to be concise and consistent, because every coach and unit will need to be speaking the same language
At some point you are going to have to adjust, obtaining information from your players and coaches is how you will be able to come to that adjustment.
fronts, coverage, alignments (shells)
Play art (drawn up)
your plays drawn up against multiple looks, 3 different looks for run plays.
pass concepts landmarks/splits for receivers this comes first, it creates spacing and often times dictates defensive alignment.
pass concepts, highlight what type of release is required. If a concepts depends on outside release, spray release, switch release, seam release.
depth of routes
some concepts may have man or zone adjustments, highlight both.

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