Civil War

Civil War Scrapbook ProjectFinal Project Due: May 13, 2021Task: Create a slide show on the following; copying and pasting text will not be allowedDue Dates: Final Scrapbook Project will be due May 14, 2021 (You may submit your project before the due date.). NO LATE PROJECTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.What you must include:a. Cover Page with Title, your name and date.b. Information page with ways that the North and South differed at that time in U.S. history (social, political, and economic differences).c. Information about 5 important people in the civil war (You shall select at least 2 African Americans. African Americans are in bold print. Check with your teacher before making your selections). People you may choose from include: Susie King Taylor, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Sgt. Christian Fleetwood, Sgt. William Carney, Robert Smalls, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Elizabeth Keckley, Aaron Anderson, Ulysses S. Grant, Jane Addams, John Quincy Adams, Alexander Augusta, Andrew Jackson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sojourner Truth, Abraham Galloway (You may choose others that are not listed. These are just suggestions.)d. A detailed map showing how the nation was divided and the political boundaries of the United States at this point in history (vs. 50 states that we have today). You may choose to show either the Compromise of 1820, 1850 or 1861 (pick one). Just be sure to label your map with the correct year.e. Letter(s) from soldiers (that you create) telling what life was like during the war (you may choose to be a soldier in the North or the South)f. Letter(s) from families (that you create) back home to the soldiers telling what life is like for them back homeg. Pictures and information about the weapons used during the warh. Information about the Underground Railroad. This can be in any format that you choose—eg. Pictures, stories, maps and letters, etc.i. Information about 3 of the major battles of the Civil War (choose from Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Vicksburg, or Gettysburg).j. Bibliography of Resources used during research (minimum of 5 resources).

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Civil War
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