Business Statistics

Business Statistics Group Assignment – 2021S1A. How it works• This project will be undertaken in small groups and involve analysing a data set using the approaches to quantitative problems you have learnt in this unit.• The final product will be a set of presentation slides which you will submit via Moodle by Friday 11pm on 14 May 2021 (the end of Week 10). A penalty of 10% per day applies for late submissions. The assignment should contain no more than 15 slides.• The slides should show, in an interesting way, the main things you have done and learned in addressing the main question of the assignment. Usually, you would present these slides to your workshop members and tutor. However, given there is some uncertainty around COVID- 19, and we have students in Melbourne and overseas, you will not actually present the slides this semester.• The assignment is structured such that it gives groups some freedom to explore the problem in ways they see fit. There is no singlecorrect answer for the assignment. It is a research project and different groups will approach things differently. This is encouraged.• Students have been put in groups based on their preferences. All group members will generally be enrolled in the same workshop. There will be around 5 members in each group (though some groups may have more or less members than this). You should get in touch with your group members, organise to meet regularly and share ideas and the workload. It can be challenging, but also rewarding, to work in groups. The assignment is aimed at building your groupwork experience as well as fostering contact with your peers in this unit. If you find you are not in a group, then contact us as soon as possible. Also, it is possible that some of your allocated group members may have dropped the unit, or you may find that your group members may not be entirely cooperative. If you email someone and do not get a response, then proceed with the remaining group members.• All group members must contribute to the assignment. There will be an opportunity to give feedback on the contributions of other members of your group, and this feedback will be used when allocating an individual’s final mark for this assessment. If you do not participate fully in the assignment, and cooperate with your group members, then you should expect your grade to be adjusted downwards as a result.• The project is worth 18% of your final mark and your grade will depend on the quality and content of your presentation slides as well as your participation in the assignment. See the marking guide at the end of this document.• You will receive written feedback on the assignment. In addition, we will run a workshop where the tutor will talk through each of the assignments submitted by groups in the workshop. This will provide useful feedback to you. It will also to be helpful, I think, to see how others approached the exercise.• The exam for this semester will mostly use the same dataset and explore similar and related issues.B. The Topic(i) The Context: Climate Change and C02 EmissionsIn this project you will analyse some up-to-date data tracking CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions of countries of the world over the last few centuries. CO2 emissions are an important part of the story of the human contribution to climate change. The idea is to use techniques that we have been learning about in this unit to study some patterns in CO2 emissions across time and across countries. The mainfocus is on how economic and population growth affect CO2 emissions, and on trends across time and patterns across countries. Below wedescribe the data and the kinds of analysis we would like you to do. Once you complete the analysis you will prepare a presentation where you show what you have done. The presentation should include some background of the issues, why you are studying this topic, and what implications we can draw from your analysis.(ii) The Data Your raw data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet file here: (use the XLSX file) As well as the data file, there is important information at this link about how the different variables are defined. You will need to study this carefully, because it affects how you interpret the analysis you undertake below. Some technical notes:

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Business Statistics
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