Big Data in Human Services and Collaboration in Data Analytics

This discussion only requires 300-360 words each for PART 1 and PART 2. There’s no cover sheet or reference sheet needed. References can be placed below each part of the discussion. Please use in-text citation. This is due by 6 PM on 12/9. Thank You!

PART 1: Big Data in Human Services

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Big Data in Human Services and Collaboration in Data Analytics
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Discuss big data and data analytics for human service organizations. How could an organization like the Riverbend City Community Action Center use big data for the Homeless Teen Program?

This course has focused on using data for evaluation purposes; how could the data be used for predictive purposes as well? What type of data would you need to collect to do this? How feasible is it to collect this data?

PART 2: Collaboration in Data Analytics

Discuss group collaboration. By now, you can see that the data analytics process is not a solo endeavor: it is the result of collaboration between multiple people throughout an organization. How would this work in a human services organization?

Consider what it was like to collaborate with your peers for the course project. What was beneficial and what was challenging?

FYI* For this part, I did not collaborate with my peers much for the course project due to my work schedule. I work long hours and my professor is aware of this. She knows that I couldn’t collaborate the way I wanted with my peers.

Wu, J., Li, H., Cheng, S., & Lin, Z. (2016). The promising future of healthcare services: When big data analytics meets wearable technology. Information & Management, 53(8), 1020-1033.

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