Assignment: Safety Measures

Assignment: Safety Measures
Assignment: Safety Measures
A recent article in the Commercial Appeal reported that New York State was considering a new law that would impose a $100 fine on anyone who walked, jogged or biked a New York street with an IPod or cell phone in their ear. The article cited the death of a 21 yr. old man who was listening to music when he was hit by a bus. There are safety measures that can be taken to prevent accidents when using Ipods or other devices that might affect hearing. You will need to read the article “In world of distractions, helmets always help” posted in the Washington Times ( before addressing these issues.
Address these three issues:
Why is wearing an IPod while engaged in these activities considered a factor that would lead to injury?
From the Washington Times article, what are some safety features that would allow for the use of the IPod or other device but reduce the risk of injury?
What is your opinion regarding the imposition of a fine? Explain your response.
Effective controls protect workers from workplace dangers, aid in the prevention of accidents, illnesses, and incidents, reduce or eliminate safety and health risks, and assist employers in providing safe and healthy working conditions for their employees.
Employers can use the techniques indicated in this section to prevent and control the hazards mentioned in the previous section.
Employers should take the following steps to effectively control and prevent hazards:
Workers frequently have the finest awareness of the conditions that cause dangers, as well as insights into how they might be controlled.
Using a “hierarchy of controls,” identify and assess possibilities for hazard control.
Use a hazard control strategy to guide the selection and execution of controls, and follow the plan exactly.
Create plans that include safeguards for workers during emergencies and non-routine tasks.
Evaluate the effectiveness of existing measures to see if they are still providing protection or if different controls are more effective.
Examine new technologies for their potential to make things safer, more dependable, or less expensive.
Identify control options as the first action item.
The second action item is to choose controls.
Action item 3: Create and maintain a hazard management plan.
Step 4: Choose controls to protect workers during non-routine activities and crises.
5th action item: Put in place a few controls in the workplace.
Action item 6: Check to see if the controls are working.
Identify control options as the first action item.
There is a plethora of information available to assist companies in researching strategies for addressing identified dangers.
It’s critical to get workers’ feedback on the feasibility and effectiveness of various control solutions before making a decision.
What is the best way to do it?
Collect, organize, and review information with workers to establish what types of dangers are present, as well as which workers are exposed or could be exposed.
The following is some of the information that may be provided in the workplace:
To find potential control measures, look through OSHA rules and advice, industry consensus standards, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) publications, manufacturers’ literature, and engineering reports.
Keep up with pertinent news from trade or professional organizations.
Investigate control measures that have been used in other workplaces to see if they would be effective in yours.
Workers with understanding of the facility, equipment, and work procedures may be able to suggest and assess solutions.
Consult with safety and health professionals, such as OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program, for complicated dangers.

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Assignment: Safety Measures
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