Assignment: Quality and Safety in Nursing

Assignment: Quality and Safety in Nursing
Assignment: Quality and Safety in Nursing
A seven (7) page APA style paper on Quality and Safety in Nursing.
Must have a minimum three (3) peer review articles Published within the last 10 years, referenced in the paper.
Must be typed and double spaced.
The main body of the paper must be a minimum 4 pages in length.
The peer review articles that are using must be attached to the paper as an appendix. And provide a reference page.
Please upload the link for the article so that I can print it out. Please do not use wikipedia!
Many people consider high-quality health care to be the umbrella under which patient safety is protected.
Patient safety, for example, is considered “indistinguishable from the delivery of quality health care” by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).
1 Aristotle and Plato were among the first thinkers to consider quality and its aspects.
In fact, one of the great ideas of the Western civilization was quality.
Harteloh3 looked at a variety of definitions of quality and came up with the following fairly broad definition: “Quality [is] an optimal balance between realized potential and a framework of norms and values.”
The fact that quality is an abstraction and does not exist as a discrete item is reflected in this conceptual definition.
It is instead built by interaction between relevant actors who agree on standards (norms and values) and components (the possibilities).
Work groups like the IOM have attempted to define health-care quality in terms of standards.
The IOM initially defined quality as “the extent to which health services for individuals and populations maximize the likelihood of desired health outcomes while remaining consistent with current professional knowledge.”
This resulted in a quality definition that resembled a collection of quality indicators, which are expressions of the standards.
These standards aren’t required in terms of the indicators’ possibilities or conceptual clusters.
Furthermore, rather having more positive quality components, most clusters of quality indicators were and often still are made up of the 5Ds—death, disease, disability, pain, and dissatisfaction5.
The American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel on Quality Health focused on the achievement of appropriate self-care, demonstration of health-promoting behaviors, health-related quality of life, perception of being well cared for, and symptom management to criterion as positive indicators of high-quality care that are sensitive to nursing input.
Mortality, morbidity, and adverse events were all considered undesirable outcomes of interest that were the result of combining various provider inputs.
6 and 7
The National Quality Forum went into greater detail on the later metrics.
In the American Academy of Nursing and National Quality Forum quality indicators, safety is implied but not stated explicitly.
Quality care is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable, according to the most recent IOM effort to establish the components of quality care for the twenty-first century.
As a result, safety is the cornerstone of all other areas of high-quality treatment.

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Assignment: Quality and Safety in Nursing
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