Assignment: Psychosocial Development During Middle Childhood

Assignment: Psychosocial Development During Middle Childhood
Assignment: Psychosocial Development During Middle Childhood
Select one of the following forms of media:
Social media
Video games
Music and/or music videos
Using the selected media, write a 750-1,000-word paper addressing the impact the media has on the cognitive, physical, and psychosocial development during middle childhood. Include the following in your paper:
How the selected media can change brain functioning
How the selected media can disrupt physical development
How the selected media influences social development
How the selected media can positively influence a child
Briefly summarize how Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological systems theory would describe the impact of the selected media on the different systems that effect childhood development (refer to page 37 of the text as a guide). Your paper should include at least three scholarly references, in addition to the textbook.1Process Name
Purpose in Summary
Receiving all the details of the visiting HCP details and
responding to them either accepted or rejected.
communication mostly between 3 external entities such as
visiting HCP, Management, HR Management
Input Data Flow(s)
HCP personal details, Request accepted, user ID approvals
Output Data Flow(s)
Request rejected, Notify HR,
Data Store(s) Used
D1 employee data base
Detailed Process
This is the first process place in the system which would be
the key process for the creation of any user ID in the
organisation. It acts in between 3 external entities.
Management and visiting HCP and HR. at this process
employee details are verified and the make decision after
across check the details and it can get back with the accepted
and rejected details to the Visiting HCP and notify the HR
manager status of the request.
Process Number
Process Name
Generate user profile
Purpose in Summary
Generally, receive the verified details of any employee from
the external entity and receive the stored details of any
Input Data Flow(s)
Verified details of visiting HCP details, stored details
Output Data Flow(s)
Recorded details
Data Store(s) Used
D1 employee database
Detailed Process
First step in this process receive the details of any new
employee details which has been verified by the
management. Moreover, receive the details from the
employee database. Furthermore, those details send to
another process for the organising the role of the employee.
Process Number
Process Name
Organise employee
Purpose in Summary
Organising the employee’s user ID as per their roles
connected with system admin and resident database D2
Input Data Flow(s)
Recorded details, access to only notes
Output Data Flow(s)
Access to visiting HCP,
Data Store(s) Used
Resident database D2
Detailed Process
Receive the stored employee user information and send to
system admin to organise the user ID according to their and
given access to resident database accordingly.
Process Number

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