Assignment: Personal Significance

Assignment: Personal Significance
Assignment: Personal Significance
Items you selected:
The humanities Traditional disciplines that express the meaning of human life
Visual arts Drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, architecture
Performing arts Music, dance, acting, theatre, film
Religion Revelation, ritual, sacrament, community
Philosophy Knowledge, reality, logic, ethics, law
Items you did not select:
Discursive arts Writing, literature, poetry
Stone tools Carefully crafted pre-historic blades and weapons
Megaliths Pre-historic stone constructions on a monumental scale
Akhenaten and Nefertiti Egyptian rulers who promoted monotheistic religion
Hammurabi Codified a written law governing Babylonian life
Olmecs Meso-American civilization governed by priests
Dharma Account of right conduct in Hindu culture
Daoism Chinese practice focused on harmony in life
Classicism Clarity, simplicity, harmony, moderation, dignity
The Iliad and The Odyssey Homeric epics describing the heroic age of Greece
Greek tragedy Dramatic depictions of life, arousing pity and fear
Allegory of the Cave Platonic image of the relation between appearance and reality
Aristotle’s doctrine of the mean Aristotle’s account of virtue as moderation in all things
Doric column Characteristic feature of Greek architecture, as in the Parthenon
Rule of law Roman tradition of providing written codes for administration
Arch and vault Architectural method for enclosing large volumes of space
Pantheon Domed building preserving the achievements of Roman architecture
Han literature Neo-Confucian writings to preserve ancient Chinese traditions
Public space Architectural design of indoor and outdoor space for public use
Realistic sculpture Three-dimensional representation of human figures
Items you selected:
Revelation Divine disclosure of sacred knowledge
Supernatural Experience of reality that transcends observations of the natural world
Judaism Monotheistic religion of the Hebrew nation
Islam Religion focused on the relationship between a community and Allah
Qur’an Islamic scripture of the teachings of Muhammad
Items you did not select:
Ritual Repeated activity intended to evoke religious feeling
Covenant Contractual agreement between a community and their deity
Canon Body of literature selected as religious scripture
Buddhism Belief in self-renunciation as a method of escaping human suffering
Siddhartha Gautama Indian prince who sought enlightenment
Christianity Religion founded on the life and teachings of Jesus
Paul Developed a theological structure for Christianity
Monasticism Ascetic withdrawal from the secular world
Muhammad Arab merchant whose teachings form the basis for Islam
Beowulf Epic poem in vernacular Old English
Charlemagne Frankish king who established the Holy Roman Empire
Feudalism Medieval economic structure with serfs and nobles
Norman conquest French invasion of Anglo- Saxon England
Church and state Medieval coordination of religious and secular interests
Polyphony Musical performance with multiple melodic lines
Romanesque and Gothic Medieval styles of Christian architecture
Dante Italian author of an account of the afterlife in the Divine Comedy

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