Assignment: Nightingale Information

Assignment: Nightingale Information
Assignment: Nightingale Information
CO2 Use lessons from nursing history to integrate clinical judgment into professional nursing practice (PO 4)
CO3 Demonstrate responsibility for continued professional growth by exploring the nursing and lay literature related to historical nursing practice (PO 5)
The basic story of Florence Nightingale is familiar to most nurses. This week we learned more about Nightingale’s life and work. Select at least one piece of the Nightingale legacy that was new to you and tell us how this changed your understanding of this great woman and her contributions to nursing.
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The Environmental Theory of Florence Nightingale
Nursing, according to Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, is “the act of exploiting the patient’s environment to support him in his recovery.”
It entails the nurse’s initiative in configuring appropriate environmental settings for the patient’s gradual restoration of health, as well as the fact that external factors associated with the patient’s surroundings have an impact on his life or biologic and physiologic processes, as well as his development.
In her book Notes on Nursing: What it Is, What It Is Not, Nightingale articulated the Environmental Theory.
She is regarded as the first nursing thinker and is credited with laying the groundwork for the modern nursing profession.
The Florence Nightingale Theory’s Major Concepts
The following are the major concepts of Florence Nightingale’s Theory:
“What nursing must do… is to place the patient in the greatest possible situation for nature to intervene.”
(1859-1992) (Nightingale)
Nursing, according to Nightingale, “ought to symbolize the correct use of fresh air, light, warmth, cleanliness, calm, and the proper selection and administration of diet – all at the least cost to the patient’s vital capacity.”
“The art of nursing, as now practiced, appears to be intentionally designed to unmake what God had made disease to be, viz., a reparative process,” she said of the nursing profession.
Humans are living creatures.
Nightingale does not define human beings in any way.
They are characterized in terms of their surroundings and how the environment affects them.
In her writing, Nightingale emphasizes the physical surroundings.
According to her idea, Nightingale’s writings reflect a community health model in which everything that surrounds a person’s health is taken into account.
Nightingale (1859-1992) did not use a defined definition of health.
“Except for observation and experience, we know nothing about health, the positive of which pathology is negative,” she said.
Given her definition of nursing as “unmaking what God had created sickness,” client wellness should be the goal of all nursing efforts.
She thought that nursing should care for both the well and the sick, and she advocated for nurses to participate in health promotion.

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Assignment: Nightingale Information
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