Assignment: In-Service For Nursing Staff

Assignment: In-Service For Nursing Staff
Assignment: In-Service For Nursing Staff
Orange City is a mid-sized town comprised mostly of elderly and retired Caucasian adults. Since the addition of a new highway, shopping mall, and various other small businesses, Orange City has seen a recent explosion of families moving into the area. Many of these families come from diverse backgrounds adding a new layer of cultural diversity to the city. Because the nurses at Orange City hospital have traditionally worked with the same type of clientele, many have been taken off guard when individuals deny certain health care measures due to religious or cultural beliefs. One day the nursing manager approaches you, the nurse educator, and asks if you could create an in-service that highlights the ways culture and religion can impact patient responses to medicine, preventative care, and treatment options.
To prepare:
Reflect on this week’s Learning Resources, paying specific attention to the alignment between learning activities and learning objectives.
Review this week’s media, Crafting Learning Objectives, to examine an effective approach to crafting meaningful, measurable learning objectives.
Select one of the scenarios above for your posting. Then, consider the following questions:
What are the learning needs illustrated in the scenario?
What meaningful learning objectives could you craft to address these learning needs?
How could you use the learning objectives to create an educational, learner-centered activity?
What type of activity might you create to help your learners achieve the learning objectives?
How can you use the learning objectives to measure if learning has taken place?
Using your answers to the questions above, create learning objectives and a learning activity applicable to your scenario.
Posting Directions: When creating your post, use the title: “Learning activity for Scenario ___
Nursing is a dynamic profession that is prone to rapid changes in health-care delivery, necessitating the need for nurses to participate in in-service training programs.
In-service training is required for newly hired registered nurses in order to keep them up to date on the newest innovations in nursing practice.
Some newly appointed registered nurses, according to the study, were not proficient in all facets of their jobs.
This could have been due to a lack of information about new advancements or the technique for completing a given activity.
Newly appointed registered nurses on probation in certain institutions reported not receiving in-service training for six months or longer, although being expected to perform their duties efficiently.
The study’s goals were to first analyze and explain registered nurses’ experiences with in-service training programs in their organizations, and then to give recommendations to Nursing Service Managers on how to design effective in-service training programs in their organizations.
The study used a qualitative, exploratory, descriptive design.
Tesch’s descriptive technique was used to analyze the data (in Creswell, 1994:155).
There were two key themes that emerged: registered nurses saw in-service training programs as inadequate and reacted negatively to them.
This article focuses on registered nurses’ experiences with in-service training programs, as well as the establishment of guidelines to help nursing service managers build effective in-service training programs.

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Assignment: In-Service For Nursing Staff
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