Advertisement Selection

Advertisement Selection
August 28, 2022 by zuixy
In each module, you will complete assignments that will prepare you for an aspect of your final project. The project centers on the analysis of advertisements, which provides an excellent way to study human behavior, culture, and identity. In this activity, you will choose four advertisements to examine. Before completing this activity, review the Project Guidelines and Rubric so you know exactly what you will be working on.
You will use the same four advertisements throughout the course. While it is a good idea to choose your advertisements early, you may change them until the next module after receiving feedback from your instructor.
Use the provided Module One Activity Template Word Document to complete this assignment. First, you will select four advertisements from the provided Advertisement List. These are the advertisements you will be working with throughout the course and in the project. You will then explain why you selected those specific advertisements. Finally, you will explain how you think the advertisements reflect some aspect of contemporary society or culture.
You are not required to answer each question below the rubric criteria but may use them to better understand the criteria and guide your thinking.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Select four advertisements for analysis.
Explain why you selected your four advertisements to analyze.
What immediately grabbed your attention about your selected advertisements? How might your selection reflect something about your personality, identity, interests, or culture? Your response must be more than “because it is required for the project.”
Explain how your advertisements relate to current events or to modern society.
How do the advertisements reflect something in contemporary culture, such as traditions, trends, or values?
Guidelines for Submission
Submit the Module One Activity Template. While references are not required, if you reference sources in your responses, they should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.
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Advertisement Selection
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