2 male physical character description

2 male physical character description
May 25, 2016 by
I need help with two physical males character descriptions. One should be good looking shoulder long messy hair, athletic, green-grey eyes etc thisrt and jeans etc( add more)
the other should be muscular, short hair, good looking, etc ( please add more)

You know the drill: Please show in your description, don’t tell

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2 male physical character description
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the difference between the two? Well, “telling” is the reliance on simple exposition: Mary was an old woman.“Showing,” on the other hand, is the use of evocative description: Mary moved slowly across the room, her hunched form supported by a polished wooden cane gripped in a gnarled, swollen-jointed hand that was covered by translucent, liver-spotted skin.
Both showing and telling convey the same information — Mary is old — but the former simply states it flat-out, and the latter — well, read the example over again and you’ll see it never actually states that fact at all, and yet nonetheless leaves no doubt about it in the reader’s mind.
Why is showing better? Two reasons. First, it creates mental pictures for the reader. When reviewers use terms like “vivid,” “evocative,” or “cinematic” to describe a piece of prose, they really mean the writer has succeeded at showing, rather than merely telling.
first guy appears on a train second guy appears outside the train station
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