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Nursing based on evidence has its origin in the conscientious, explicit and appropriate decision-making and practice. Thus, use of the best evidence for taking a decision on the individual patient. Evidence-based nursing requires skills that are not only traditional in clinical practices, such as; identifying the key issues in decision-making, seeking information pertinent to question and evaluate the validity information. Since systematized observations and path physiological principles are not disregarded but are not evidence sources with a high degree of validity. Evidence in nursing practices is defined by the characteristics of sources that are generated. Clinical trials are the sources of strong evidence, and Healthcare Research and Quality. It is noteworthy that this classification includes qualitative research as source evidence. Nursing does not yet have searches in quantity and characteristics necessary to support practice-based evidence. It is critical that researchers pay attention to this fact and reorganize efforts in this direction. However, the absence of evidence of high quality does not preclude the decision-making based on evidence. In this situation, another requirement important for evidence-based practice is the availability of systems to recover results of the most current research in a timely manner and the nurse learn how to use these systems for appropriate diagnoses and decision-making.

The Evidence-based is significant for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) remains an on-going challenge for nursing professionals specialized in pulmonary medicine and critical care worldwide. The treatment of CAP is demanding, and outcomes remain unpredictable despite the unprecedented innovation in the development of new antibiotics. One of the main causes of the difficulties experienced in the treatment of CAP and often unsatisfactory clinical outcomes of it is poor adherence to guidelines for clinical practice, as demonstrated by recent studies.

Similarities and Operations

Evidence-based nursing is a well-researched area of study and there are several similar concepts that have been studied by researchers and practitioners. Previous studies have explored the inappropriate compliance to Evidence-based protocols and the lack of nursing interventions to ensure adult patients’ care with Community-Acquired pneumonia. However, the studies facilitate the concept within progressive care and surgical units are not sufficient which emphasizes the needs for further analyses of the problem, as a high number of Adults with Community-Acquired pneumonia are hospitalized in progressive care and surgical units, as well as the mortality rate of these patients, is another critical aspect of the Evidence-based nursing protocol.

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